One Night Friend

If you’re looking for a more casual or fling-type of relationship, was probably built for you! It’s aimed at those who want to find a partner, but maybe not for the long-term! Okay, so it does as the name implies, but there’s nothing wrong with that if that’s what you’re into. Users will get a simple but professional-looking website that makes them feel welcomed.

User-Friendly Design and Features

Overall, the design of is great. If you want to go in search of a new ‘friend’, you could use the search features. Once you find someone you like, you can contact them or wait for them to contact you. Also, the messaging features are incredibly easy to use. When you reach your home screen, you’ll find photos of potential partners that fit the profile you’re after. For example, if you’ve specified a male in his mid-30’s with dark hair and green eyes in the same region as you, the relevant matches will appear.

You can browse through those matches and find more whenever you like. You can use the gallery features to save photos or pictures of potential matches and can message them later. You’ll also get notifications sent to you; and Flirt Cast is another fantastic feature to adore. Premium members will get access to additional features and can upgrade whenever they want. Sharing photos and videos through the chat functions are simple enough to do too.

When it comes to messaging other users, it’s very easy to do. If you get a response or someone wants to message you, the messages will appear in your inbox. You can read your messages and reply – if you want to – or send them to the trash folder.

What about Mobile Features?

Users have the ability to use the mobile version of on the go! That’s incredibly important because as most will know, you can’t always be glued to your computers 24/7. However, being able to have a mobile-friendly version is incredibly important and surprising, really. Not a lot of dating websites are able to offer a mobile-compatible version, so it’s a welcomed addition here.

Despite there not being an app available, the mobile version more than compensates for it. Everything that is found on the desktop version of is found on the mobile version and that’s fantastic. You never need to download anything, but can still interact with members and send videos as you like. It’s free to use and incredibly versatile. mobile features are fantastic and easy enough to use. Users will be able to search and contact members via the mobile version. However, it’s still very much the same as if it were the mobile version.

The Registration Process

Registering for an account on is quick, easy, and very simple indeed! You’re going to require one thing in particular, an email address. Now, this has to be valid and you must have access to it because you’ll need to verify your account for it to become active. If you want to register for an account, you’ll need to provide your email address and then complete a few pieces of personal details.

Choose a username and password and include details about yourself, such as your location and age. However, you can also choose to include details about the type of person you want to meet. You can say if you want to meet a man or woman, and their age, their location, even their hair type. All this only takes a few minutes to complete.

If you want an even quicker way to register for an account, you could use Google. Essentially, you can transfer all of your data across and makes the process simple for you too. It’s fantastic for those who want a simpler way to register without the hassle. However, even if you choose this option, you will still need to input the type of person or people you want to meet. That’s important to understand.

Subscription Costs

Users have the choice of three different types of memberships. There is the one month, three month, and six month membership to choose from. Each membership has a paid subscription service with it, but the value is still there. What’s more, the overall cost is fairly reasonable too and does give users access to a range of features too. It costs $39.99 for the rolling month plan, while the three and six month’s subscriptions cost $83.97 and $119.94 respectively. Not bad by all accounts! However, you do have the option to upgrade your service whenever you feel necessary. Costs may help determine which membership you want to go with.

If you aren’t sure about plans, there is a trial subscription available that lasts for three days. However, it should give users enough time to look around and decide if the site is for them. There are lots of options to consider, so even if you aren’t too keen on one, there are others plans available. Users will need to look at what each plans have to offer, just ensure the right one is found.

Staying Safe with

Users have a level of protection with It’s useful and there are steps to take which can help keep all users safe. However, you also need to watch what you put online and the information you hand over as well. If you’re not sure about someone, avoid or report. Also, don’t give passwords out to people you don’t know. One of the best ways to remain safe while using the site is to keep all private or sensitive information you don’t want others to learn about, to yourself!

A True Dating Website is a fantastic and easy-to-use website. It offers lots of profiles and no matter what you’re looking for, you should be able to find a match easily enough. Usability is overall good and it’s very user-friendly too, which is, of course, ideal. However, the website is incredibly easy to use and offers so much. You should be able to get value for money also. is a great dating website and one which opens the door to a world of possibility.

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