Why should anyone use hook up sites?

The days of casually strolling into a club or bar have gone and now in the digital age we casually order what we want [ a flirty, sexual, casual meet] at a click of a button. Perhaps the better question is, why aren’t you using one?

Pros of using a hook up site

By using a hook up site you can access and target a large group of people, from the comfort of your bed or sofa. There’s less hard work involved and you are practically putting an ad out for sex, in a totally socially acceptable way. With the huge number of features hook up sites have to offer, they also save you a lot of time. Remember the days of picking someone up in a club, it could take a few hours before actually achieving anything, well with hook up sites it can take minutes. You can also see an overview of what members like yourself want, their expectations, what they are into and why they want to hook up.

The cons

Are there any? Well yes, there has to be. The downside to them is having to pay and if you are using a free one and find success that’s great but the majority of the time the free sites are riddled with time wasters. Another issue is meeting people and finding out they are not what they look like in their profile. To be fair you might not care what they look like but it still makes it off putting.

If you are looking for some flirty fun with no attachments and a mutual understanding of the situation, using a hook up site will really up your game. It’s one of the best ways to find a mutual ground and meet people who are like minded. It’s not all about sex of course, you can still make friends and benefit from the experience as a whole.

Bottom line – If you haven’t tried a hook up site, you should.

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