Choosing adult sex and dating sites

Over the years casual dating has changed, we are broader now than we used to be and much more open when it comes to saying what we want. And when. Of course, with the digital age, sex and hooking up has changed dramatically, although like we can order it online.

What is the difference between a hook up site and a dating site?

Hook up sites are for people who only really want one thing, and that’s plain and simple sex. They may enjoy some company but they aren’t looking for attachments whereas ‘traditional’ dating sites are geared towards members finding a love that lasts. Two very different agendas.

How do you choose the site?

Choosing an adult sex site is very much down to personal preference and what you want it to contain. For example, Megahookup has a huge variety of features aimed at adults including explicit adult games to play whereas somewhere like BeNaughty focuses on the actually communication between members and organising meets.

You will start to understand fairly quickly the industry standard for pricing, generally per month and will see a difference in how sites vary in features. It all depends on you though. Do you want a site that is jam packed with all the features under the sun and sexually explicit material or do you want a site that will help you focus on meeting casuals, to be fair you’ll be paying roughly the same price for both. Roughly.

Things to look out for on adult sex and dating sites:

Contact / Customer Service – If you aren’t sure if you can trust the company, look for their customer service info and see how easy it is to contact them should you have a problem

Free registration – Check out sites that don’t charge you to open an account nor force you to upgrade straight away. These are good starting points as they will allow you to look around the site first, a sort of try before you buy.

Value for money – Whether you want lots of explicit features or general features, make sure you are getting a good amount for your money. If you pay $40 a month, you at least want some of the modern features and the ability to browse on a mobile device.

Free hook up sites – While this will be extremely tempting, consider the fact there’s no incentive when a site is free. Members are more likely to mess you around if they aren’t paying for the privilege of it. Free doesn’t always mean good, you want to make sure you are getting quality members not just quantity on the site you choose.

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