Ashley Madison


I’m sure you have all heard of this one right? I mean it’s only the most popular affairs website in the world! It’s so popular that there are literally millions of members from all over the world so don’t be surprised when you see thousands in your area alone. In the last few years, they have tried to move beyond just extramarital relationships into casual dating for people that are non-attached too. But their tagline remains the same: “Life is short. Have an affair.” So, don’t be surprised if you sign up and find that everyone is looking for something extra on the side.


As I said, Ashley Madison is popular across the globe and there are now millions of users on the website. They also state that over half of the users are actually female, which is a big change from almost all other dating websites. They also pride themselves on the fact that all the users are real and they have a team dedicated to ensuring there are no fake profiles on the site. Now, remember that most of the users are going to be looking for someone to have an affair with, so if that’s not your thing, this is not the dating website for you.

How do I sign up?

Signing up is fairly straightforward. You will need to add your location, date of birth and marital status. Then you need to create a username and password for the site. They will also need your email address and they suggest that you don’t use your regular one for obvious reasons. This is primarily an affairs site after all. So making sure you don’t receive emails to a family account is important!


Like most dating websites you can sign up for free and create your account. But, when you want to start interacting with other users you will need to start paying for it. However, women can use the website for free. Which is clearly the reason that there are more women than men. But, remember guys, that means your chances are higher of finding a hot match!

Free Membership vs. Paid Membership

With the free membership, you can sign up and get started on filling out your profile with all your personal information, what you want to share with the other members, and of course, some great photos of you. You can also use the search function and start checking out the profiles of other users.

Once you start paying you will be able to send and receive messages from other users, join in the community chats in the chatrooms, send photos and receive photos, and send winks and virtual gifts to other members. To do all this you will need to purchase credits which are paid for onsite and bought in bundles.

  • Introductory: 100 credits = $49 USD
  • Elite: 500 credits = $149 USD
  • Affair Guarantee:1000 credits = $249 USD

You can pay for this using your Visa or MasterCard.


  • Priority messaging. This is an extra paid service which will allow you to get your messages at the top of someone’s inbox no matter when you sent it and what has arrived after. It is ideal for using with someone that you really don’t want to miss you.
  • There is also a quick reply option that works kind of like an automated response. If you can’t respond properly straight away, you can send one of these and then respond with a proper message when you can.
  • If you are serious about this, then you can also pay for golden status which will put you within the top three of all search results you appear in.
  • Ashley Madison is also available as an app so you can use it on the go and never miss a beat.

If you are looking for something on the side, then this is really the place to go. Especially if you are a woman, as you get to use the service for free.


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